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Re: Tell us Your Thoughts!

This phone has impressed me more then i had originally thought. I loved and still love the Evo 4g, however the Evo 3d is just that much more feature pack of a phone. People can say that 3D is a gimmick on the phone, but unless you have actually tried it and see it in action, you will have a totally different approach to it. Before its release ive read that some people have compared the 3d to the Nintendo 3ds, and i must say the Nintendo 3Ds doesnt even come close to the Visual 3D you get on the Evo 3D. The 3Ds gives me headaches for a short period of viewing, however i have not had that problem yet with the Evo3d and i have watched well over an hours worth of 3D clips and shots. That was originally my only gripe that i had for the 3D, im very happy to say that the Evo3d visual doesnt give me headaches. The 3D is a plus and everything on the phone is just awesome, its stupid fast, call quality is great ( i dont get why some site reviewers say that call quality was mediocre), and battery life so far is very impressive. This is a very worthy successor to the Evo4g.

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