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Touch Pro on MetroPCS (i need HELP guys)

Hey guys,

im trying to get my sprint htc touch pro working on metropcs. Ive tried using the instructions here, and the instructions on cloning at xda-developers to try to save the $50. I am having SO MUCH TROUBLE been going at it for hours and having the same issue. I am able to install SPL 0.25 the bootloader reflects this. i get to the step where i need to install RAPHIMG.nbh(xda instructions) and when i use rom update utility to install i get an error.

Error 244 : invalid model id

When i use the instructions here everything seems to work out, but when i try to test the internet it just doesnt work..says it cant connect.. i have no idea what i could be doing wrong every thing is inputted correctly

i've flashed 0.37 SPL just to see if it'd work and it did, then re-flashed 0.25 back and that worked. Also flashed NFSFAN Rom and that flashed fine as well.. Does ANYONE have a workaround to get this working? am i doing something wrong? please help me.