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EVO3D Tips & Tricks

I'll periodically this thread with all kinds of cool tips and tricks I see available for the device. Feel free to make suggestions of your own and we'll add them!

1. Uninstall your Bloatware!

So, someone in the #htc-evo chat said that you could uninstall apps on the stock 3D... i looked into it, and went straight for the blockbuster app. Sure enough

menu -> settings -> applications -> manage applications -> blockbuster -> uninstall

reboot and BAM! It is gone! They also mentioned something about shared space... about /system being readable only, so it still resides there but is no longer installed? But, it is gone and I am looking forward to eliminating others. Now we need a safe list of things to get rid of!

Other bloatware includes Sprint TV, NASCAR, Sprint Radio, and others! Tell us!

Thanks GhettoBSD!

2. Test That 3D!

Here is a Youtube video that really shows off the 3D affect better than what comes on the device for demos... I love this one...

Youtube Player in 3D

GoPro 3D

Post some links if you find some cools ones!

Thanks scrosler & CarlaDarla!

3. Boost Your Battery!

Like all 4G phones - and most especially with the now 3D one - these things suck battery like water, be sure to follow some of these tips below to get the most out of your EVO3D - both in performance and usability.
  • ROOT! Once available, you can ROOT to use awesome abilities and features - such as CPU and Kernel control
  • BRIGHTNESS & 3D! turn off automatic brightness and manually set it low - or turn off 3D to help loosen that strain on the batter (at the cost of your eyes!)
  • RECONDITION - some people see improved performance after completely draining the batery and letting it recharge. Also (once rooted) you can remove your battery stats and try to trick the phone into better performance
  • Task Killers! Use Advanced Task Killer or another app to get that processor under control! (and improve overall performance)

Thanks GhettoBSD!

5. Start all over with a Hard Reset!

How to hard reset:

  • 1. Turn the phone's power off. Take the battery out from the device, wait a couple of seconds and reinsert it back again.
  • 2. Gently, Press and Hold the Volume Down button
  • 3. Then also press and hold the Power button until the device turns on
  • 4. A menu will then appear like: Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
  • 5. Just select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
  • 6. Then press and release the Power button
  • 7. Select Volume Up if YES and Volume Down for NO

6. Free Wifi-Tether w/ Temp Root!

Thanks Scrosler!

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