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Re: Before you make a decision based on any reviews.....

Yeah after the reviews, now I"m having second thoughts on getting the phone. I'm on the sero $30 plan with the TP2 which is overdue for an upgrade and I've waited a LONG time for this Friday but now having seconds thoughts.

1) VOICE: this is the most fundamental thing a smartphone (or any!) phone should be able to do without any hitches. The concern about the lower voice quality along with the greater signal attenuation is grave, IMHO, esp if you use your phone for well... calling and talking to ppl.

2) BATTERY: Yes this was an issue with the prior evo 4G as well as is an issue with others of it's ilk.

The point is this. We're signing away two years (for most of us) and getting a phone that I have to say I'm not as excited anymore. Additionally the building I work has horrible reception for sprint/verizon (oddly att does well there). There is 4g in my city but not in my home area. At work I get barely 1-2 bars unless I go by the window.

The only hope I have is that a firmware upgrade + rooting (once available) will alleviate these concerns. Here is to hoping!
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