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[ROM] Android4Autism v1 for the Epic BETA 1

Hey guys. I think everyone is aware by now that I'm preparing to launch Android4Autism. As far as ROM development goes, I think I have the basic structure down for the Epic. I haven't yet worked on anything else, device-wise.

Anyway, this ROM is based on EE05 Froyo and is along the lines of the BYOR Editions previously released under the midNIGHT ROM banner. I have some ideas and a beta currently in place but I still ironing out the final feature set. My goal is to provide future upgrades if at all possible as well.

I will be in need of testers (preferably with young kids) for the Actual ROM itself and feedback on the following:

1) Apps that should be available (keeping in mind this is for a special needs child)
2) Suggestions for FREE children's software from the Market.
3) I'm thinking of replacing the Samsung "splash screen" with a picture of the child receiving the device along with emergency contact information. Thoughts?

Anyway, I will try to get this up in the next day or so. I have spoken with Fede from LauncherPro and was given permission to use that as the devices launcher. I choose LauncherPro because it can easily be customized by the parents and it allows for the hiding of icons like the dialer for example. So thanks to Fede and the team over at LauncherPro for their support.

For the latest updates you can follow me on twitter @Android4Autism

Also on Facebook at Android4Autism

The main site is under construction as is the Facebook page but I am making progress. Baby steps.....right.

Please remember to consider donating your old devices....NOT YET.. Just hang onto them for the time being.

Thanks Everyone....


The Android4Autism v1 ROM for the Epic is up on the Development Page.

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. This ROM is a test ROM based on midNIGHT ROM v5.3 EC05.
This ROM is designed for children with Autism. While it will function basically the same as a BYOR Edition it comes with children's apps preinstalled.
I'm interested in how your children can utilize this. I have had a few revisions of this ROM already. In previous revisions I had launcherpro preconfigured to hide all the apps but the kids ones. However, for some reason the apps couldn't be unhidden. So when these devices ship out the extra apps will be hidden.
This is a stable ROM.

In the final build the following will change:

journaling turned on.
The wallpaper will change
more kids and Autism friendly apps

PLease let me know what you guys think.
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