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Re: [ROM] Bonsai v4.1.1 has been released

Originally Posted by nadcicle20 View Post
Just got around to giving this a fair shot today.

So far everything looks ok while I am going through my phone again.

I did notice that when i tried to open up my gallery it was painfully slow as if something had to be cached somewhere first. During this time I had a popup that said running out of internal space.

The only two things I had installed at this point was root explorer and move2sdenabler. I used root explorer to find what was taking up all the memory and low and behold I finally found the culprit. It was hiding in /data/local/ and was called tsprsp ..

This is only an assumption, but my guess is this is the local cache of some sort? I guess I should ask that as a question instead. Ok, Is tsprsp a cache of some sort?

I've read a few other places saying it was ok to delete as long as you reboot your phone right afterwards.
Ran into this a couple times in early testing, but seemed to be solved by proper initialization of /data. Seems we are going to need to create this directory since whatever app needs it is not smart enough to create what it needs. Will look at doing this in a future update. The delete and reboot seems to clear up the issue.
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