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[ROM] Bonsai v4.1.1 has been released

Greetings PPCgeekers,

Wanted to introduce myself to the Epic community over here and let all of you know that we have made the Bonsai v4.1.1 ROM available for General Release.

We've worked hard on this for the past month and I think it shows. Lots of changes to kernel bringing some of the functionality from Gingerbread kernels back to this Froyo based ROM. As a result, battery life is better than we have ever seen and the phone feels even smoother than before.

Give it a try over at Bonsai for Android |.

Also check out our new MasterKey rooting/unlocking app. We are very proud of that and hope it brings a new wave of users to the custom ROM experience. Could not get any easier to unlock your phone.
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