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Re: Bonsai unlocker/root (simple to use)

Originally Posted by WanderingMinstrel View Post
Well this sounds easy enough for even me to try. I'm not a noob but I'm not very adventuresome. I've got a fresh stock nonrooted Epic. When I had Eclair, I had Z4root but that wouldn't play with either of the Froyo updates so I did a hard reset and now my present EC05 is clean.

But first... a dumb question or three:
It looks like I have to install through my computer. Are all the necessary drivers included in the dl?
Do I have to remove this root app to get the next Sprint/Samsung update when it comes someday?
And, if so, how do I do that? (I don't understand what odin is or how to get it if that's part of the answer. lol)

I noticed that there was a painful lack of info or documentation on the Bonsai site when I registered and dl'd. There seems to be an assumption that people will know what they are doing...!
Greetings PPCGeekers, thought I would pop my head in over hear and see if I can answer any questions on the Bonsai stuff. I see several folks have stepped up to answer these question. That is great.

You are correct to assume that if you ever want to go back to the stock ROM as provided by Sprint, you will need to use something like ODIN to get it there. Not a huge hurdle once you have done it.

We're pretty confident that once you make the leap to running an unlocked and custom ROM, you won't want to go back to that Sprint ROM world.

The MasterKey app does not install any files on your local computer. Simply unpacks some tools to temporary drive space, unlocks your phone, installs the latest version of Bonsai Recovery, Cleans up and exits.

As for documentation, we've made attempts to make this as easy as possible. That includes a walk through of instructions that shows how to configure your phone for the process, etc. Can't get any easier really. If you can download and run the app, that is about as much as you need to know.

We hope this new tool will take the whole concept of running custom ROMs to the next level.
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