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Vibrate on ring, but not email/text? Text/email volume seperate from phone ring?

Ok, got a couple of questions here.

Under settings>ringtones & sounds there is vibrate. I want it to vibrate and ring, but I don't want it to vibrate when I get a text/email. Is that possible?

Also, if I shut the vibrate off all together, there is no way to silence the ring, but still have vibrate for incoming calls. Or is there?

Another thing, is there a way to turn up the volume of the text/email sounds, but not the volume of the ringer? The ringer is frickin loud and the texting is not so much.

I have the HTC Trophy, but I would assume this is a the same accross all WP7 phones.

Whoops, one more thing. Is there a way to "ignore" calls or just silence them when someone is calling?