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Moto Droid Cricket MMS and PRL

Phone: Moto Droid
Service: Cricket
Plan: $45
ROM: Stock 2.2.2 Rooted

I have flashed me and my wife's phones from Verizon to Cricket and they worked pretty good until I updated them (from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.2.2). I had problems with MMS (picture messages and video) so I reverted everything back to stock (including updates).

I rooted the phone and used the modified updates to keep root and then flashed the phones... mine worked hers didn't for pics and then mine went out. I cannot get picture messaging to work at all now.

I should also be able to send video but that has never worked to my knowlege

Do i need to change the sending size limit or something for video/pictures?

Another "problem" (it may not be) that i have noticed is that after i flash my phone and *228 the PRL changes from 38515 or 6499 to 31400 but still works. I have not found this PRL anywhere and unless i re-flash the PRL and NV items the phone wont say the prls i have flashed but it wont work for data unless i dial *228 and then it works. I dont want to fix what is not broken but does this have some affect on the MMS?

To lay down a few things to avoid confusion...

1) I have flashed these and they were working with everything at one point... even after the updates
2) I used the NV Items made for our phones specifically at
3) It is not our account. I had them re-setup the account and refresh the settings
4) I live in Colorado if that makes a difference and i get signal
5) Internet, voice, data, market, it all works except for these problems
6) I have tried at least 6 different types of APNS and the majority of the ones i found are the ones that work and everyone has said that works.
7) Still using CDMA WS 2.7 (with 2.7 nv items)
8 ) i can receive (most of the time) but not send MMS
9) i use auto-start and u2nl for my data

PS: If you need any more info let me know and thank you to all who help me and others who have this problem.
If anyone needs help doing their phone just let me know

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