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Re: Cricket to Droid X

Originally Posted by imdana View Post
I just bought a droid x off a guy on is already flashed to cricket. When i went to activate it (i already have a cricket plan, just switching phones) the guy said i need to re-flash the phone plus activation. Costing upwards of $50. Is this true? Can i do any of itmyself? For free? Please any advice appreciated...i have the phone and a charger, totally ignorant regarding android phones as this will be my first. Thanks in advance...if anyone knows how to activate myself (for free) and or if i have to re-flash or not. Just to repeat myself...
No, you probably went to a dealer and he's trying to get over on you. I actually work for a Corporate Cricket store and all you would've had to pay was 15.00 for an esn swap and of course change your plan to the android plan. Next time you go to a cricket store ask if they're a corporate store before you do any business with them
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