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Re: Evo Tips, Tricks and anything I find useful. Will update. Updated 7/22/10

I am so sorry to bother you...I jsut got a new EVO....I sucessfully rooted the previous one....however I am having problems with the new on...put in my old SD card...even tried the NEW one....and am stuck on recovery mode....Help please....

I'm attempting to root my phone using a windows 7... I installed the drivers as needed, set up the phone as required and started unrevoked 3. I selected the hboot usb as required by the process, and unrevoked ran until the point that the phone reboots to the clockworkmod recovery screen. my phone is sitting on the screen with the following options:

-reboot system now
-wipe data/factory reset
-wipe cache partition
-install zip from sdcard
-partitions menu
-+++++Go Back+++++

i was stuck in it earlier and somehow got out...I know there is always an's late and im frustrated....sorry for posting on this tread....but i can't seem to find a thread that is similar to mine.....I have wiped, cash, data...facotry reset.....everytime I restart my EVO...back to the same recovery mode...
thanks for any help!!!
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