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Re: |ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |Apr 26| 21916|29020 * Sense 2021 + flavors

Originally Posted by PPCFreak View Post
on a new rom, spb backup restore is not a good idea.....usually intros more bad then good.

I use spb backup ONLY when reflashing the same rom (hard reset or doing a task 29 then flashing the same rom).

I do know that time is why to use SPB Backup/restore but in my uses is causes more harm then good.
I Have been Flashing for a year and a half. I have been using SPB Backup 2 for over a year with no problems. I select ROM upgrade option and deselect over write files. Everyhting reloads OK except HTC Stocks. I only have to enter my stocks and I'm done flashing. Always flash the latest Energy 29020 Sense 2.5 Cookie 2.0. I settled on the flash method Instructions on this Link Flashing Instructions to Ensure Full ROM Functionality Works every time. Flashed 3 times the last week of April (15th, 26 and 29) still no issues.
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