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Re: Sprint's HTC Trophy On The Way...WTF VERIZON

Originally Posted by afolayan702 View Post
"looks at HTC Arrive, looks at HTC Mazaa"- Naw I'm good with Arrive. 3.7'in isnt enough to make me budge from Arrive within the next 6 months(if it is true.) What would make me would be:
CDMA Nokia, Samsungn LG
WiMax/LTE capable
4' in screen/with a design that doesn't remind me of Evo, Evo shift, Thunderbold, HTC Inspire.
I'm on sprint now with an older phone but I will jump to Verizon the SECOND I can get a 4" or larger super lcd or super amoled WP7 phone with a decent battery (1500mah or preferably larger) without a bulky keyboard.

I think Verizon is trying to corral us (those who aren't android fanboys) into going for the iphone 5 - however I don't know when the iphone 5 will come out so it is tempting to jump for any decent phone as there are a dearth of them for CDMA people who don't want an EVO.