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Process Explorer for Windows Mobile

Sorry for the long winded message below, but to summarize. HTC TP2 that started hand free activation a few days ago (and wonít stop doing it at boot) and now services.exe is sucking up all of the processor. Therefore, I am looking for a way to figure out which child process within services.exe is causing the problem and a way to kill it (functionality similar to Process Explorer for windows), so that I can grab a full backup and replace the phone.
Long winded version:
I have an HTC TP2 that, a few days ago, started trying to do hands free activation at startup and whether it fails or succeeds it will try again the next time it is booted. Also, since this started, the phone is extremely sluggish and the task manager shows that services.exe is using all or nearly all of the CPU. If this were regular Windows, I would use Process Explorer to look at the processes running within services.exe and kill the child process that is using all of the CPU. However, I see no such tools for Windows Mobile. Is there a tool similar to Process Explorer for Windows Mobile 6.1? I downloaded and tried Task Manager from DotFred, but I couldnít get the CPU utilization for the child processes of services.exe, nor did I see a way to kill a child process, as I can do in regular windows using Process Explorer. Of course, I also couldnít find any documentation about the tool to even know if I was using it correctly. As a person that has developed software for 30 years now, it perplexes me how someone can put so much time into developing an obviously well thought out and powerful tool, but create absolutely no documentation. I remember in my young days that I hated creating documentation, but as I got older I realized that documentation was just as important as the program itself. Iíll get off of my soapbox now, but let me say that I am substantially more likely to contribute money to a programís authors, if there is decent documentation for the application.
OK, back to the issue. The reason that I need to fix the CPU hog is that I need to get a backup. Sprint has a new TP2 waiting for me, but I need to get a backup of this one first. I own several SPB programs, including spbBackup, but with the CPU being hogged it has no chance to run to completion. The funny thing is that I am a stickler for backups, especially of my desktops, laptops, and servers. I actually have a Fibre Channel SAN in my house that I store critical data on (fault tolerant arrays, of course) and use as a backup. I also put copies of critical things offsite. However, I let my phone backups slack for the last month and havenít syncíd to my laptop in over a month (since it crashed, but thatís another story). So, all I need is to get the thing to boot once or twice to grab a full backup, then I couldnít care if it ever booted again.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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