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List Features You Feel WP7 Needs

Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.80 (Windows Mobile; Opera Mini/5.1.21594/24.746; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54)

As far as the wp7 os goes i feel its off to a great start. Better than iphone and android in their first years out the gate. Now that the cdma wp7 is out on sprint and coming to other cdma carriers what does everyone feel are some features needed to make wp7 flourish?

we all know multitasking and app switching is on the way for the mango update scheduled for later this year but the features i feel it needs are..

1. Usb Mass Storage...theres a hack for this now but this needs to be implemented its on the iphone and android currently and windows mobile so to me its mind boggling that they would not include this. the mandatory sync with zune to add files shouldnt be the only way u add them imo

2. Wifi Tethering...the ability to use ur phone as a wifi router to other devices which was possible on windows mobile

3. File Explorer...i know theres a touch xplorer for unlocked htc devices but i'd like a fully supported file explorer, just give us access to storage space if they dont want us accessing the file system

4. Downloading Files Through the Browser...this is able to be done on windows mobile and android...on either os i can download zip files, rar files, mp3's, albums, etc. and open the files up and adding them to my library without the need for a computer. To my knowledge and experience the only thing that can be saved through the browser right now are pictures

5. Updating Zune Library Without A Computer....kinda ties in with #4 but i want to be able to download a album through the browser and update my library without having to sync with zune and/or delete songs without having to sync with zune. or adding songs to the phone via mass storage mode and updating the library on the phone without zune on the computer. Everyone doesnt have access to a computer at all times why so dependent on a computer when windows mobile wasnt dependent on the computer???

6. Front Facing Camera for video calls...

7. Ringtone Maker apps...for trimming and making custom ringtones

8. Playstation Network app...everybody isnt a xbox fan lol gotta give us ps3 gamers something a ps3 hub for is would be dope but if their allied with google then that may not happen

aside from these few missing features i think wp7 is a very credible threat to iphone and android and this is only its first year out the gate things can only get better imo. What features do u guys want on wp7

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