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Re: Best WM6 phones with External Antenna Jack and RevA speeds?

i dont really care about any features other then a good cellular radio with an external antenna port. the mogul is actually working really well, and i dont even have the external antenna adapter in yet so it should get even better. you can tell the mogul was a flagship phone for its time, its made of quality parts. this phone stays stationary in my car, it creates a dedicated internet connection for my carpc so when everything is working normally i never have to interact with the phone at all.

so i probably have the best phone for my needs right now since the TP2 is still easily $100 used. and if i got a TP2 i would probably use it as my main phone anyway

btw, for future reference, the best way to get a mogul (or any wm6 phone) to tether to your pc is to use ICSControl in usb mode.

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