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[KERNEL][ACS][GPL]VisionKernel v1.2 |ext4/RFS|1.45ghz|BFQ|sysfsUV|Voodoo Sound/COLOR

The Android Creative Syndicate
VisionKernel v1.2
Designed for SyndicateROM Frozen 1.1.0

This Kernel has bricked a lot of phones. It has not bricked my phone I guess because my phone is tougher than most phones. I would not suggest using this Rom unless you are a pro and can afford to be without your phone for a couple of days while it gets repaired.

I nor any member of ACS is responsible for anything that happens to your phone when using this kernel. It has been tested on mine and a few others phones to be working, but I cannot guarantee that it will work on yours. All CPU's are different, and each one takes to overclocking in different ways. That being said, don't be surprised if your phone locks up at 1.4ghz or 1.45ghz. Just set the clock down to a lower speed and it won't do it anymore; all this means is that your phone can't handle it.
Also, 1.45ghz is set at 1.400v and 1.4ghz is set at 1.375v which is definitely above the recommended voltage for the phone. This doesn't mean it will burn up your processor as they are very robust when it comes to heat dissipation, but just keep in mind that you are pushing the processor past its designed limit.

This is my first kernel release, although I have been compiling my own custom kernels since DI18. Took me a while to get the overclocking stable, a big thanks goes to tanimn and Rodderik for helping with getting 1.3ghz stable. Also, without tanimn none of this would really be possible. He has guided me through this process a lot, and I am especially thankful to him. You the man tanimn

1.45ghz is here, I cannot guarantee that it will work even at all on your phone. This is as high as I will go, no further.
Linpack: 19.84mflops
Quadrant: 2414


Overclocked to 1.3ghz and 1.4ghz @ 1.375v (steps are as follows)
100mhz, 200mhz, 400mhz, 600mhz, 800mhz, 1.0ghz, 1.3ghz, 1.4ghz
Added 600mhz step for better transitions *tanimn
Voodoo Sound v6 *tanimn and supercurio
Voodoo Color (mDNIe tweaks) *supercurio
FPS cap raised to 65fps for the time being, hoping to get that number higher *Rodderik
Everything else that is contained in Twilight Zone, minus the addition of voodoo color and 1.4ghz.

Revert the refresh rate (framerate cap) to 56fps. People having problems with video choppiness, this should fix your issue. This is only temporary; as soon as someone can figure out a proper way to raise the framerate cap I will re-implement it.
Update to Voodoo Sound driver v7

Add 1.45ghz (It's not 100% stable, use at your own risk.)
Add 1.2ghz step
Added BFQ disk scheduler
Implemented interactive CPU governor (use at your own risk, needs tweaking)
Smartass governor (still a WIP)
Add TinyRCU courtesy of tanimn
lowmemorykiller atomic notifier fixes
UV RAM 2.7v(stock: 3v) and and LCD 1.65v(stock 1.8v)
UV_mV sysfs controls as well as frequency_voltage_table for use with Voltage Control and Pimp my CPU *Rodderik
New voltage/frequency tables thanks to Rodderik!

How-to Video:
Thanks to qbking77 for making this excellent flashing tutorial! This will show you exactly how to get the kernel running on your phone.
YouTube - How to Flash a kernel and overclock Samsung Epic 1.4ghz

Direct: - This version has perma bricked some phones, sue at your own risk

Other: Causing lots of people's phone to brick I would not suggest using this version.

More mirrors coming soon!



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4G Hotspot tethering with Samsung Epic just start 3G first and then start up 4G otherwise your phone will restart. wifi_tether_v3_0-pre10.apk wifi_tether_v3_0-pre12.apk

Please don't forget to thank me.

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