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Re: Cannot charge phone while on after cleanup cab and tweak cab for sprint?

Originally Posted by darren.wlsn1 View Post
i saw your other thread are you messing with your registy? best bet is unlock phone and flash a custom rom like one i use from vin, all crap is removed plus tons of tweaks by vin.

[HSPL-UNLOCKER] - - Rhodium W HardSPL for unlocking.
vins rom thread:
No, I have not messed with the registry, I was going to download the link that someone posted but there was an error on the page.

Can you walk me through getting the VIN Rom?
Can you post the exact link so I can download it?
How do I unlock my phone?
Right now I have a 16GB sim in my phone.
Do I just download the VIN Rom to the Sim card and then install it to the device just like I did with the cabs?

Please help, I've been looking at this ppcgeeks site since 11am this morning trying to figure this stuff out lol.
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