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Treo Pro USB/Charge Jack broken. What should i do next time?

For awhile it was loose... i had to position the cord just right and the phone would charge. didnt matter what cable i used. the microscopic solder points where the jack connects to the phones board were broken. short of taking apart the whole phone and baking the board itself to scorching solder melting degrees i dont think the phone was ever going to be good again anyway.

so i was playing with it to no end, and the jack finally just ripped completely out of the phone.

its done for now, so thankfully my like-new tro pro just came in so i am OK. my question is, what can i do to prevent this from happening again? or do i just continue on as normal because this new treo pro i got is clearly a newer revision. the keypad backlights are WAY brighter, and the screen is a tick brighter too.