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Re: Flash files for WebOS 2.1 and Sprint Navigation

hey showmrock, what you need to do is go back to the Palm Pre section and read the topic titled: WebOS 2.0.1 for Sprint... what ya gotta do at the moment is use the stupid meta-doctor process and what you'll end up with at the end of it all, is a snappy Palm Pre 1 phone with a frankenbuild of 2.1 without the beloved Sprint Navigation I went thru this entire process of trying to get the latest 2.1 and I ended up going back to 1.4.5 just to keep my phone rock solid cuz in my profession being late is not tolerated. So ya... you can go thru all the steps you want to try and get 2.1, but my advice is to just wait til something better and easier comes along.. I want 2.1 and Sprint Nav in 1 nice package!! lets wait and see what happens..