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Re: Feb.10.2011VINdows ROMs

Originally Posted by vin255764 View Post
Titanium 21916 download

Uploading Titanium 28244
Which one to flash? hmm... I guess this one 1st since it's ready...

here are mirrors:



Originally Posted by Amamba View Post
Well, not sure why but this was not a pleasant experience. I installed MS and MobileSense on top. I remember this combo running pretty smooth but this was from back when I just got the phone and was comparing to stock Sense. This time around it felt a bit laggy and memory use was definitely subpar compared to Vin's Sense. I am getting over 100mb free on restart after running FreeUpMem (Start menu disabled) and I was getting below 80MB with SPB - still not bad comparing to stock Sense but nowhere near Vin's. Also installing it somehow managed to "silent enable" original Start - i.e. even after removing SPB I had just over 80MB free with Sense, I had to re-install MMAppLauncher and do some cleanup to get back to 100+MB.

Conclusion: Vin is great !
I get 110MB free on boot. You need to go into preferences on MMApp and select "load on boot" and "override start menu" then reset for them to stick. Like I said, there are a few of us with no problems running this... if you are having problems redownload (or try new ROM's) reflash and watch what cabs you install... also maybe reformat your SD card (after saving what's on it)

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