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Re: HOW to approach reps at the stores

Interesting conversation…. I am in IT field for approximately 10 years, prior to IT I worked in restaurants.... My entire work experience revolves around Customer Service. I do understand exactly what CS rep is talking about. From my experience most of the customers are polite, BUT, every once in a while there is that One customer that ruins your day. I am not referring to people that say -Axe- instead of -Ask- I'm referring to people that believe they are entitled to treat everyone like crap because they think they are better then you. Some people are rude, they believe your sole purpose in life is to serve them. I believe the phrase "Customer is always right" is an oxi-moron. It doesn't mean that the customer is always literally right.
Myself, I'm a Sprint Customer. I do occasionally call for support whether it is sales or tech support and I try to treat people the way I'd like to be treated. When I’m treated unfairly then I treat that person the way I’m treated by him or her…. Anyway, I’m with Sprint well before the merger a few years back, so I`ve been with this carrier for a while. I tell you, that I mostly get frustrated when I review the Forums about their latest a greatest ways of rewarding the customers or around the time I’m shopping for a phone. I came across a lot of idiots in the retail stores and they do get under your skin sometimes. CS reps are not always right either. Here`s an example, I bought a TP2 a while back. I first called the store to verify that phones were in stock. I was told that phone is in stock. I asked to put one on hold for me, just in case. When I arrived at the store I was told that my phone was sold to somebody else because they felt I was not coming. Now, mind you the pervious conversation took place 15 minutes ago… OK.. this sucks, so I ask to order a phone for me. 2 or 3 days later, I receive a call informing me that phone is in. I go back to the store and pay for the phone. Open the box and noticed that case is not included. So, I ask is the case included ? Reply “Yes, but we don’t have it” I ask for a different case, they refuse. It was my own fault not to read of what does and does not come with the phone before going to the store, but it is the CS rep`s job to provide correct this info to the customer, isn’t it ? I take the phone and go home. Feeling a little odd about it, I contact Sprint CS on the phone, after 15 – 20 min of waiting I am told to go back to the store and ask for the case. My assumption was that case came with the phone and somehow it wasn’t in the box with my phone. I go back to the store and ask for the case, in return the CS rep starts cursing me out. Then tosses the case at me! At this point I’m pissed and I return the phone and eat the $35 restock fee…. I go back to using my TP1, a week later TP1 broke and Assurion replaced it with TP2. Sprint lost $400 for the phone and another $20-$40 for the case. Have they been knowledgeable about what they sell, I would`ve gladly spent another $40 for the case and wouldn’t be returning the phone either. Often CS reps feel that they know everything, however some of them do not know the products they sell. Anyway, if you don’t like your job, guess what ? Get a different job. That`s what I did.
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