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Re: Windows CE to Moblie 6.5 Tablet flash?

The tablets and or devices I'm looking at all run Windows CE 6.0. The manufacturer of the program I use on my Axim (windows Mobile 5.1.70) tells me it will not run on a Windows CE 6.0 device.

"3D wouldn't run on the old CE for Handheld lineup. Although Microsoft kept a small branch alive, the successor to the original CE family lineup was Pocket PC and the successor to Pocket PC was Windows Mobile. Most Windows Mobile devices are phone sized, but there were a few larger ones created (i.e. the HTC Advantage, and the Mangrove- ) Now the successor to Windows Mobile is Windows Phone 7 OS, only in the smaller size thus far(screen size limited by Microsoft).

However most tablet manufactures realize that it's definitely worth more bang for the buck to produce real Windows 7 tablets instead of trying to use the more limited CE or WM operating systems. So there are actually a lot more true Windows 7 tablets out there, which are capable of running the full-featured version of 3D, rather the a mini mobile app. "

Truth is I haven't tried it.
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