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Re: Volume locked at OFF ???

Hmm never encountered a stability problem - ever. I have 3 on sprint and 1 on tmobile (not activated but I use it as a pda sometimes to keep the battery good)

no stability problems AT ALL.

it DEFINATELY has a ram leak and cleanram can only do so much. I boot up with around 90mb free and in a few hours I am below 60mb free. 2-4 days below 55mb after 4-6 days it gets close to 45mb time for a reboot as it gets sluggish below 45mb - if I use it hard core (lots of slacker google garmin etc.. I have to reboot once a day not a big deal)

CHT is not that much of a pig and I don't mind it as the pleasantness of the interface more than offsets its ram usage.

what is an SOD? never had one I assume or I would know what it is??

SMS hangs? not on mine. granted I don't text much (few hundred a month) but its never done anything hinky on me. sends fine receives fine.

CHT is annoying lately with its quicklink cloning though

ALTHOUGH my sisters TP2 (same 6.5) does randomly put itself in airplane mode for some reason. not sure why have not had a chance to go through her unit to see if she installed something causing the problem as neither of mine do that.

any suggestions for improving stability?
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