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Volume locked at OFF ???

For some reason my phone is stuck in ringer off vibrate mode. (system volume is unaffected)

when I volume up it starts at the bottom and goes up all the way to the top

but as soon as the screen goes away its at zero again. I know this cause it won't ring (just vibrates) and when I try to up the volume again it once again starts at OFF and goes up.

rebooting had zero impact. when I go into sound and display it says its in normal mode and volume is at 100%

suggestions? I have made NO changes in the last week no new software no settings changes no crashes no strange behavior. running stock 6.5 with cht 2 and wimospeed and thats about it. its otherwise been a very well behaved device.

Volume in phone calls is unaffected. just ringer and system volume are set to off for some reason.

Now if I switch to "single volume" it seems to stop doing this and its fine. heck let me try switching back to individual volume and see what it does

No joy system volume 100% Ringer volume stuck at 0% goes up if I command but immediately goes back to 0% once it goes away.


On a hunch I had someone call me.

seems does not matter if I am single volume or not ringer is still 0% and it just vibrates.

I have no idea what to do now. suggestions?

also ringer for TEXT message plays fine. ONLY call ringers appear disabled.

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