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Re: Disappointed by Microsoft's CES Keynote?

They are missing out on a lot of potential customers (Sprint/Verizon) that may be looking for a new phone experience. The improvements are definately good, still I think it is something that should be done, not bragged about. If people were upset about copy/paste or game speed loading time they would not stick around at all. So Thats technically an update but to anyone after Feb 17(WMC) has a WP7 they wouldn't know about it. Finish the rollout in U.S. and other countries where language support would be nice, and Marketplace. A person buys a phone for the way that syncs into their lives, the usefullness, all under a carrier that provides consistant coverage where they LIVE THEIR LIVES. I can buy a Windows Phone 7 now, but where I live my best coverage is with Sprint, or Verizon. "9 out 10" AT&T customers said they would recommend it is foolishness. Better would be to say "in U.S. alone, on all 4 Major carriers customers said they would recommend this phone and loved the experience."
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