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Re: BiGnAdAd {How To} Manually Deodex Your Froyo Droid X to Allow Custom Themes

Hey Skinshaman,
You have to give it the full path to the folder first.
All the way to the jar folder. You must also start with "cd".
put a space then type the first folders name followed by "/".
Then the second folders name followed by"/" etc...
all the way to the "jar" folder. Mine For example ="c:>cd footlocker/droidxstuff/xultimate2.2.2/jar
Now hit enter. After that no more "cd" u are in the jar folder.
All you type once in the jar folder is the code that Bignadad gave us
"adb" enter "su" enter "stop" enter etc. Hope this helps. Happy deodexing
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