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Lightbulb Re: BiGnAdAd {How To} Manually Deodex Your Froyo Droid X to Allow Custom Themes

Hey Bignadad,
Thank you for this info I appreciate it. Only have one problem. In the c-Prompt when I get to
cp /sdcard/done_app/* /system/app/ It says no such File or Directory???
I put the two file on my sdcard as per the instructions so its looking for system/apps,
I remember when I took java (Chubby here. lol) *=all but sometimes the file is to deep and
the parses stop at a lower level missing it by 1 or2files before. I know the system/apps is
only one level back so it should b able to find it. If I remember right, it was ./* for 1 level
and .//* for 2 or more. It went something like that, i think. Its was many years ago.
Can this b the case here. Or am I just an old man who didn't remember to good. Lol
Was wondering if u can help me with that.
Thanks again Bro for all ur help
Hey Big,
I was just wondering, now that I have the folders on my phone is it possible to use the
Terminal Emulator to push these thru instead of the adb. And if so can I get the instructions for that please?

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