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Re: My droid 2 is on the way

Originally Posted by dayusmc View Post
I have been on the forum for awhile, this is my first post. OK, here it is. I first got a Motorola Droid- love it. But then I got a HTC incredible, battery died way to quick. Do I now have a Droid 2- not happy with Blur crap. I still have all 3 phone and I think I want to root one of them to get it the way I want it. I really cant find anything on how to root the droid 2 except this post. How did you root it. One big thing I liked about the droid 1 was the ability to sort my contacts by last name first. Does your new rom do that? thanks for the info!
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Sorry man, haven't been spending much time on PPCG since getting the droid 2. Sign up over at xdadevelopers. There's an active D2 forum, instructions and files for one click rooting, and several blurless roms floating around.
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