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Re: What/when is the next top-of-the-line HTC Android phone?

> android is more customizable then winmo actually..unlike winmo Android is open
> source..aka you can rewrite the whole thing if you really want to...

that's what I thought. So are people really flashing new kernels and ROMs still? I don't mind doing it but I hate having to re-set all the preferences/software/settings by hand; in WM, backups couldn't be restored over a new ROM. Is this the case for Android also, or can I make a backup of settings/apps/etc. that's useful after a ROM is changed?

> in android you also can flash kernels, not only roms...which allow for
> overclocking/undervolting...

is this really useful? I know in WM5 (HTC XV6700) it was essential - the new ROM made an enormous difference. The WM6.5 Imagio on the other hand pretty much did everything correctly out of the box - I didn't feel that a new ROM was necessary. How is it for Android - do the new ROMs/kernels really help significantly?

> The next best known phone for Verizon will be the LG Star which is a dual core Tegra
> 2... As for droid x vs incredible..the droid x cpu/gpu is better (dont let clock speeds fool
> you) but Incredible has a lot of development for it since its similar to the Nexus One...

thanks! I like HTC products generally; any plans by HTC to use the Tegra 2 soon?

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