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Angry Entering Bootloader Without Vol. Down

This one may already be a lost cause but I'm going to ask anyway.

I was in the midst of a Task 29 with splash screen at work on my TP getting ready to flash a titanium ROM when my supervisor called me over to talk. When I got up, my foot got tangled in with my USB cord and my phone fell side-first on the ground with a lot of force. I picked up my phone to see that I had cracked the battery cover and that the volume rocker was detached from the phone. At first, I didn't think too much of it and I tried to just put it back in it's slot but it kept falling out and it didn't actually touch the circuit board in the right place anymore.

It wasn't until I was ready to try to enter the bootloader again that I realized that I needed the volume down button. Currently, all my TP can do is just show the splash screen that I flashed on it but that's it. I can't enter the bootloader at all. Does anyone know any other way that I can flash a ROM on the phone or at least enter the bootloader from a splash screen flashed phone without using Volume Down?

I'm going to ask the guys at XDA this also, just in case anyone knows anything or if this has happened to someone else.

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