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[ROM]midNIGHT ROM v1.0.1 (Froyo DK17) UPDATED 12/4/2010 (DK28 coming soon, hopefully)

You may remember me form the TP threads back in the WM 6.xx days. It's been about a year since my last release. I have been working to get a good understanding of Android and it is vastly different then Windows Mobile was/is. I have been messing around with a few roms for a little bit now and they work really well for me and I thought would share with you guys. These ROMS aren't a huge departure but have been customized to fit my needs. They are simple and quick. As I learn more I will be more creative.

Ok the Rom is ready.. First of all this ROM is based off the Quantum ROM 1.4. So a HUGE THANKS go out to Dameon87 over at XDA. He put together a very stable ROM. Click on his name to visit his thread over at XDA.

I have been playing around with this ROM for a while now. I have been trying different things and basically customizing the ROM to fit my needs. I got everything working good so I thought I would share what I have done.
As I said I developing on Android is a big change from WM so I am starting out small. This is a very basic "stock" type ROM.

Here is what the ROM includes:

Based on the Froyo DK17 leak.
Rooted/Deoxed/Zip-Aligned ect
Theme and AOSP Lockscreen Fixed (menu DOES NOT unlock the phone) Thanks bubby323
Replaced the stock Android keyboard with Multi-touch Droid X keyboard. Thanks (locating)
Re-enabled boot sound
Added "My Files" for convience
All other Sprint apps are gone.
TW Launcher (sort by ABC's)
GPS FIXED. Thanks BThomas22x

v1.0.1 Change log (Screen Shots in 2nd post ) coming soon

Brand new ROM base: Thanks ahmgsk
Removed TouchWiz
Added Launcher Pro
Restored Samsung Calculator (I like the swipe away keyboard)
Removed Multi touch keyboard due to bugs with hardware keyboard (Android is only keyboard) -Swype flashable zip attached
Added voicemail app back
Modified build-prop for protected apps in the market
Restored Sammy lockscreen due to bugs with AOSP lockscreen
Modified Host files (Unblocked Wordpress app)
Some other tweaks and performance adjustments.
Modified framework
Changed default wallpaper




1) odin to the DK17 stock. This will install the DK modem as well as root and clockwork in about 2 minutes. Read about that here. Thanks art3mis-nyc

2) After you odin to "stock" DK17 you need to power off the phone and boot into clockwork.
3) Everyone has a different opinion about this part but this is what I do and it works well for me.
-wipe data 3x, wipe cache x3 then wipe Dalvik x3
-flash .zip from SD card
-wipe data 3x, wipe cache x3 and finally wipe Dalvik x3
4) Boot in the ROM and enjoy.

For those you may have missed it, screenshots are in the 2nd post

v1.0.1 midNIGHT Froyo (DK17) v 1.0.1
v1.0.0midNIGHT ROM 1.0.0 (Rapidshare)

UPDATE: I attached a flashable zip to restore the stock theme.
UPDATE: I also attached a flashable zip to restore the Sammy lock screen. After a few days the message bug popped back up again. This bug happens sometimes when yo ave an unread text message. WHen you turn on the phone the Sammy lock screen is there instea of the other one. This zip will completely restore the Sammy lock screen therefore removing the bug.

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