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Re: Who's getting the Dell Venue Pro?

I guess like most people who've been around the industry as long as I have, I've probably held and used most of the models and definately all of the form factors. I, personally, have used the HTC/UTC Starcom line since the 6600. Prior to that, myself and my employees used pda's tethered to a cell phone. "Pro" labeled phones of recent have gone to a definitive heavier feel to set them apart from some of the devices marketed to the consumer vertical and younger demographic. I like the portrait slider because it gives way to a larger screen and, yes, I do beleive business users need big screens, too. Not to watch tv or movies or to play games, but doing the same thing we do on our tp2's. There's not been an OS that has come close to the business capabilities of Windows Mobile (let's not get into that, please), so there was never any reason to try other os's. I never liked the keys across the bottom of the portrait orientation because it was too small for my hands to type with both and even a little difficult with one, but the Venue has the size to accomodate two-thumbed typing or one, if needed. I like that and no other device has had it. Also, the Venue has an uncanny sense of solidlity. I will say that the tp2 did step up with a little more solidity and umph than its predicessors. Also, the Motorola Droid line is quite nice, but taking everything into account, ie: form factor, screen size, os, architecture, features; I beleive it is, potentially, the best I've ever experienced provided the current issues are addressed. That would be taking into consideration my preferences, though, as listed above. Yours and other's will be different preferences. Does any of this make sense?

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