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Re: Who's getting the Dell Venue Pro?

Originally Posted by brownhornet View Post
Even if they put it out... theyve already had SERIOUS defects with it and the company is closing the mobile department down... why would you buy it? That makes NO sense. Even if tmobile takes over the mobile department whos going to manufacture replacements after January? I cant see any logic in that one... at all.
I really don't want to get into a rant defense, but exactly where did you read or hear that the company was "closing" its mobile division? If it was one of the articles you quoted, that guy has been trashing Dell for years and he never said, definatively, that they were closing the mobile division because he would get sued if he did and is very clear about his speculation towards the end of the article. It has been speculated that he is on the payroll of a competitor and he cleared his statement up towards the end in order to sound more like an opinion (as it is) and to keep from being sued by Dell, T-Mo, and Microsoft. I have been entrenched in the mobile industry for decades (since before I retired from Submarines in 1992) and I am personally aware of much of this industry information. I still own and receive email to after I recently sold the company to a huge parent company. If something is different than I've been told and contractually notified, I would be very interested. Here is a quote from the end of his article with words like "prediction" and "figure (meaning assume)":
"The easy prediction is that things will continued to be messed up for some time at Dell, as the company tries to break up the product development and marketing groups and figure out where in the company to put them. Absent some miracle — or the arrival of a real superstar who could reform Dell’s processes and make them work smoothly — figure that Dell will end up completely dropping phones and tablets."
Regardless of this guy's history, there is no basis to certify that Dell is shutting down its mobile division, just the fanfare of a basher without credibility. With little exception, when an industry giant like Dell sells something, they support it. It is indisputable that Dell has had problems with their mobile division with converged devices, but they were very successful with PDA's and they have stood by and supported the products they produced. Dell is way too big, internationally, for such a tiny part of their business to affect them much, but it makes good speculation material for jokers, such as Sherman, to feed on and sell to those not familiar with these tactics. Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest!

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