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Re: Who's getting the Dell Venue Pro?

According to my resources, Dell is not ditching this phone. They do have some serious enterprise level obligations to fulfill. Regardless, if the phone is ditched it will not be available to buy from T-Mobile, the selected carrier, and won't be an issue. If it is not ditched and T-Mobile does sell it, then T-Mobile will take responsibility for replacements if Dell shuts down its mobile division. Dell does, however, have alot on the line to simply walk away from the Venue project. The article in my last post seems pretty clear and it seems the two in yours may just be media hype and trying to stir up drama and cast doubt, possibly originating from a Dell, MS, or T-Mobile competitor which is very common in the industry.

........ and the moral of the story is: "you can't have a drink on the house"