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Re: Hotmail not syncing / "expired news letter mail"

Okay the subject is a litle outdated but still It's better than not giving any solutions at all :
The famous "expired news letter mail" only confirms you that your Inbox is correctly working. Don't panic.

Here is my lil' solution, after some research : You have too many mails in your hotmail inbox. (and you wanna keep them all I guess...)

Just go to the Inbox from your hotmail site and create a New folder.
Tick ALL your mails (on the left of Show : ALL), to be more accurate you will see a message saying 'Select everything'.
Click on it, the totality of your mails from the account date of creation will be selected. Don't untick anything the procedure needs you to tick them all.
Now you can click 'Move To' and choose your New folder.

Hotmail will need you to wait a little (while it's moving all your mails)

Once done you can select your latest important mail from your New Folder and Move them back to your main Inbox!
These mails will be soon visible in your CCP/smartphone Inbox (whatever you call it hehe).

Now you can use your ccp and maybe you'll have to modify few options.
Go to 'Mail' , press MENU, 'More', 'Settings', 'Send&Receive'
In the 'Download options' you can select By Days : All
Also Set the download frequency Every 5 minutes, up to you.
I have chosen No limit in the Mail size limit, no idea what it affects but that's not really a problem.

Finally you can go back to your smartphone Mail box, it will refresh and I hope your mails will appear from now.

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