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windows mobile-where can I find a reg key for turning on the location settings?

windows mobile-where can I find a reg key for turning on the location settings?

I am talking about the setting that is usually found start>settings>all settings>personal>phone>cdma services>location setting. This is a Touch Pro 2 BTW.

I thought it would be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\Locat ionSetting, but I did some testing and it doesnt seem to save under any of those keys. Here is what I did -

I made note of any reg keys under this branch that looked like they could be the one involved. I changed the setting back and forth from the front end so that it would turn the functionatlity on and off. I made each change tapped ok a couple of times then I rebooted the device. Once it booted up the setting did save in the front end, but the registry keys under that branch never did change their values.

I also did some testing with settings under

HKLM\system\Currentcontrolset\gpsintermediate driver\



I changed the value back and forth in the front end but the regsitry keys never did change values. I rebooted in between changes and the front end did retain changes but not key changes were found.

Does anyone know where it is saved at? It seems that Google maps sets this automatically when it installs. I need to see how its done to implement in my software. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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