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Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk

I’ve had my Epic for about a week now and, until yesterday, was getting lousy battery life. I’d wake up in the morning to 10% to 30% after charging it to 100% the night before. During the day, less than 5 hours use brought the charge level down to 20% or less for just moderate use. Hardly any calls. Limited music and/or videos. Mostly data use, surfing, email, cruising the market, etc. BTW, I’m on stock DI18 and have not yet rooted.
Part of the problem is reception. My TP used to be the same, or worse. It lived from one charger to another all the time. I live in a fringe area and work at home so the phone is always seeking connectivity and I know this is a major drain. Three days after my phone upgrade, I called Sprint. Told them I didn’t mind paying an extra $10/mo for 4G which I don’t get here, but I did mind paying for data use with such a consistently poor signal. They agreed to send me a free Air Rave. Hasn’t come yet, but when it arrives I’ll see how it affects the battery use.
Yesterday I read all the pages in this thread, dropping lots of thankses along the way. Wow, you guys are amazing! I got Juice Defender with UltimateJuice. I also tried an app called Memory Booster Lite, which seems to kill background-running stuff I don’t use.
I set both apps to my preferences and recommended settings from this thread and went to bed with a full charge, without trying any of the other suggested tweaks. When I woke up, the battery was still fully charged! 100% for the first time ever! It has run all day and still reads 80+ percent full. Hard to believe.
Maybe JD/UJ only work on a stock rom. They certainly have worked for me. Excuse the book. I thought it might help some stock-rom people.
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