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Possible to do a port INC Froyo to Desire Brovo C?

I hear the hardware is very similar. Is the problem that the drivers for the Desire Bravo C (CDMA) are closed sourced?

I was thinking that would it not work to grab both kernel sources (Desire and Droid Inc) and if the drivers are included in the source piece together a Inc kernel with desire drivers? I guess I would then have the issue of making sure I don't have problems with radio and/or hboot versions...

Really I'm trying to make a rough draft (in my head) of what needs to be done. any input would be good.

So since the drivers are likely closed sourced would it be possible to take a compiled 2.1 Desire kernel and a compiled Inc 2.2 kernel and hex edit the bejeezus out of 'em to move necessary drivers like the desire camera to the Inc kernel.

I'm a very fast learner with not a whole lot to keep me busy... So I'm trying to decide if I want to make this a learning project. I would need to buy a Desire but I think I can get one on the cheap.

I'm on Sprint with an EVO and my friend has a Desire with 2.1 lamness and I want to make a Frankenstein ROM!

Also since the Desire board is a ghost town can some one point me to where I can read up on how to do a stock rom dump since there is no stock USCC Desire RUU floting around, at least that I can find.


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