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Update: I figured out why some phone numbers work, at least with Gmail contacts. In Gmail:
If I've added the phone number under Notes, then it won't become a link no matter how it's formatted.
If, when editing the contact, I click "add more contact info" and add the phone number under the preset Personal or Work sections, then the phone number will become a clickable link!

That's a viable workaround for Gmail, but how about random sites like If I try this link on my wx:
Neither of the two listed numbers are links.
Is the same page creating links for you?

Is anyone else's pIE working (crappily) like mine?

Oh - and I still have the issue with Add/Delete - I can't figure out how to reorder, it stubbornly defaults to alphabetical in its order.
And it seems I can only add things to folders upon initial creation of the bookmark/favorite, but not after.
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