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Re: [ROM][ACS] SyndicateROM 1.0.1 (Sai) :: Speed, Battery, Style :: UPDATED 11/5/2010

Originally Posted by flyers2114 View Post
I recommend on all roms that you use mybackuppro.....Titanium and CW are too if you dont have recommendation is start fresh....I use mybackup pro to restore data only for things that are not affected in system and when I restore apps I only restore data with them if I absolutely need it.....otherwise just apk...........I have tried numerous roms and see others report issues and I never have any issues doing it this way.......I am up and running within 5 minutes each time...take it foe whats it worth....

BTW this rom/kernel kicks some serious ass!!!
Thanks, I ended up starting fresh. I will give mybackuppro a shot next time I change ROMs.

Also, I agree. This rom is awesome!

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