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Re: [ROM][ACS] SyndicateROM 1.0.1 (Sai) :: Speed, Battery, Style :: UPDATED 11/5/2010


If you like our ROM, please show your support by placing a userbar with a link to this thread in your signature! We have four different styles available. (Thanks to ACS member Pseudoremora for providing these!)


We would like to thank everyone below for their hard work, and for their valuable contributions, some of which we've included in this ROM. The entire Android Creative Syndicate thanks you!

  • noobnl
  • Firon
  • Koush
  • Bubby323
  • Schizopunk
  • Raiderep
  • Gremlyn1
  • Hero_Over
  • Nullghost
  • the crew in #Samsung-Epic
  • pulser_g2 and the XDA mod team

If we've used something of yours or you've contributed in any way and we've not added your name above, we apologize! Please send k0nane or rjmjr69 a PM and we'll get you added as soon as possible.

Special thanks to rjmjr69, our team leader, without whom this ROM and the team behind it would not exist.


SyndicateROM and any other ACS productions are not, and will never be donationware. However, I (k0nane) and the rest of the Android Creative Syndicate have put many hours into the development of SyndicateROM, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future - to Froyo and beyond! Your generosity - if you feel like showing it - is deeply appreciated!

And unlike someone named Kyle, we will never take your money and run!

Full disclosure: All donations go to me (k0nane), by decision of ACS's team leader, and because everyone else opted out!

//this post and the two above written by ACS Lead Dev k0nane, available at XDA-Devs or Freenode #Samsung-Epic
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