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Re: [ROM][ACS] SyndicateROM 1.0.1 (Sai) :: Speed, Battery, Style :: UPDATED 11/5/2010



Downloads - Version 1.0.1
featuring Xtreme Kernel

These do NOT wipe /data! However, if you are coming from another ROM we strongly suggest doing a factory reset! Upgrades do not need wipes.

Download "Standard" (Direct) | Mirrors :: Dropbox - Mediafire
Standard is the perfect blend between lightness and features - the "developer's choice"!

Download "Fully Loaded" (Direct) | Mirrors :: Dropbox - Mediafire
Fully Loaded is chock-full of features and apps to complete your Epic experience (sorry Schizopunk! )

Download "Superslim" (Direct) | Mirrors :: Dropbox - Mediafire
Superslim is what it sounds like - and so much more! Paired down to only 74mb, Superslim retains all of the features of a great Epic ROM, while keeping a highly attractive figure! (Note: in the interest of size and modularity, this build does not include Xtreme Kernel.)

Note: The Dropbox links are temporarily down! You guys generated so much traffic Dropbox suspended them! Use the main mirror, 1and1 likes me.

Version 1.0.1 - Sai
- Superslim boots properly
- Superslim/Standard: added live wallpaper picker
- All versions: Added Email app
- All versions: LauncherPro in /data/app
- Fully Loaded: AllShare added
- Superslim: resolved startup bug
- Standard/Fully Loaded: one Carrier IQ service disabled!
- Standard/Fully Loaded: Performance boost! Kernel updated, Linpack 13 acheivable!
- Standard/Fully Loaded: Music player's "Shop" button no longer causes FC (the bug was not unique to this ROM - but the fix is!)
- Standard/Fully Loaded: Removed Astro, added ES File Manager
- All versions: new default wallpaper!
- Linpack now works correctly!

What is Carrier IQ? Carrier IQ is essentially spyware. It tracks signal data, app usage data, and other such things. We feel this is intrusive and adds nothing to the user experience. Thanks to DevinXtreme we've disabled the "iqmsd" service, the backend daemon that powers Carrier IQ. Other parts are highly integrated into the OS, but we're working to root them all out. What's left should be harmless.

Version 1.0 - Katana
- initial release
- running at 1.0ghz, use SetCPU to change
- IMPORTANT: Linpack scores are absolutely incorrect! This is due to the massive changes in our new kernel - DevinXtreme is very aware of the issue and is working very hard to correct it!
- Known bug: FC when turning on Airplane Mode in Standard and Superslim. This is due to TouchWiz being completely removed. However, Airplane Mode functions correctly, and we have noticed no other bugs related to TouchWiz - including sync functions.
- Known bug: Windows adb will get some odd characters when you do an ls. The kernel is making Linux adb pretty - DevinXtreme is aware of the issue.
- Known quirk: LauncherPro is in /system/app. We had to do this for customization reasons - it will be different in the next release.

(continued in post below)
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