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Arrow [ROM][ACS] SyndicateROM 1.0.1 (Sai) :: Speed, Battery, Style :: UPDATED 11/5/2010

k0nane and the Android Creative Syndicate present...

Version 1.0.1
Updated 11/5/2010
Screenshots, downloads, and changelog in second post!

Why SyndicateROM?

SyndicateROM is designed from the ground up for stability, battery life, and most of all, speed! The entire system has been slimmed - not merely by APK removal, but from the ground up. Every aspect of the system has been examined - and is still being examined - to find unneccesary components, and root them out. What does this do for you? Simple - it frees up storage for your personal choice of apps, reduces overall memory usage, and reduces running services, thus freeing up CPU cycles and returning some of your all-important battery life.

(Naturally, any ROM is a work in progress - and even more great things are to come!)

In addition to the system-level tweaks and optimizations (including full OptiPNG optimization of APKs, removal of non-HDPI resources and non-English language packs, and more), SyndicateROM is designed to give users choice. Already, we have multiple themes (note - these are coming soon), and three different "editions" - see below! Whatever you're looking for in an Epic ROM, keep scrolling - you'll find it here.

What's in SyndicateROM?
SyndicateROM is:
  • based on DI18
  • kernel rooted
  • deodexed
  • zip-aligned
  • PNG-optimized
  • hand-tweaked from the ground up

SyndicateROM includes:
  • LauncherPro
  • Evo YouTube (YouTube 2.0.26 is buggy)
  • Wireless Tether (working out of box!)
  • Wired Tether (working out of box!)
  • AOSP lock screen
  • Astro file manager
  • ROM Manager
  • Android 2.2 Market
  • fully up-to-date Google Apps
  • Fascinate music player (Disc View works, no Shop button FC!)
  • Desk Clock (no force closes, music button works!)
  • GenieWidget
  • Car Home (From Vibrant, stable and fully functional)
  • AppWidgetPicker
  • WiFi Status
  • Spare Parts
  • Numerous visual tweaks (new app icons, custom startup/shutdown animations, new wallpaper)
  • Adobe Reader (fills conspicuous PDF viewing hole!)
  • Ad blocking in apps and browser
  • Browser homepage changed to Google
  • Xtreme Kernel! (undervolt, overclock, RNDIS, and much more!)
  • ES File Manager (Better than Astro!)

Naturally, in all versions, the Sprintware and Samsung widgets have been removed. All but Fully Loaded are nearly Sprint/Samsung-free!

In addition, SyndicateROM "Fully Loaded" includes:
  • Full line of live wallpapers
  • Ringtones from Nexus One and Samsung Moment
  • Thinkfree Office
  • Flash Lite
  • Social Network Sync
  • ADW Launcher
  • Vibrant TouchWiz 3.0
  • Home Switcher
  • AllShare

(continued in post below)

Here is the first Syndicate theme and its HOT!!! thanks to Blazinazn
Just flash thru recovery after initial boot of rom.
And here is the Wallpaper for those who like it just place on root of sdcard or system/media Attachment 434480

Thank you to All the members of ACSyndicate who spent many hours and long nights working hard to bring you this stunning piece of work

And of Course the Chef K0nane

Make Sure to follow us on Twitter for future updates and releases.
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