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Re: WIFI internet Sharing HTC WI-FI Router/ WMWiFI

Originally Posted by askmrlee View Post
At only $12/mo for 420min anytime, 6pm N&W, unlimited everything else including full MoFi-like abilities, Garmin GPS (better than my Nuvi) excellent battery.. I can't see myself buying another phone.
What kind of sub-SERO plan do you have and how did you get it?[/QUOTE]

I have a 300/min Free & Clear plan that was gotten years ago. It's original value is $30, but Sprint gave me a $16/mo discount after messing up my bill during their billing upgrade. I was lucky to even get my "Free & Clear" plan back after that one. But this discount along with the phantom $5/mo off I get for mobile-to-mobile, and all the other freebees I've picked up over the years at each renewal, gets me down to $12/mo. lol