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2 Progs that save you money on bill

If you guys need to save some money, I ran into this new texting program called Text Free in the app store. Its free and it gives you your own real phone number. I tried it and really like it, just as easy to use as the built in text app.

To save money, tell the people you text often to use that new number, than cut down your texting plan for the 200 text a month for 5 bucks. So after that, you get to save 15 bucks a month over the normal $20 unlimited text plan ATT charges.

Another idea I’m using is signing up for Skype and paying 2.99 a month for unlimited calling. You can than drop your phone plan to the $39.99 450 minute a month plan and use Skype to make calls. So far it works well and you won’t get charged for minutes since Skype uses 3G or wifi.

So far I dropped my bill to 60 bucks a month total after doing those two changes and keeping a 25% corp discount. This is as close to the Sprint Sero as your gonna get from ATT!

PS: If you have alot of rollover minutes, you can talk to a CS rep on the phone and if they are cool, they'll let you keep it. I had a nice lady, not only did she let me keep the 5700 minutes I had, she also gave me a bonus 5000 minutes, so in total I have 10700 rollover minutes on top of the 450 I get a month. I really don't even need Skype for now with all the minutes I have, but I just wanted to try Skype out and so far its been good.
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