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Ipod Touch 4th Generation

I figured I would ask this in the Ipod/Iphone thread maybe someone here will know.

Do any of you know when the new Ipod Touch will be out? I keep hearing this month, supposedly this week and the week is almost over and when I go on apple or amazon it doesn't have a date just gives you the option to order now and it's not a preorder but it's been saying that since the middle of September.

I am interested in buying one since it's the closest thing to an iphone 4 as I will be able to get since AT&T service is not the best here. Though one of my friends recently just bought an iphone 4 and they said the reception is actually better then any other at&t phone they have had when the service doesn't do well at all in most areas here with the iphone4 it works better, but I'm still thinking about it, but still would like to get the ipod touch.