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Re: Any TP2 Converts Here?

I am also converting from the TP2 to the Droid X, I did feel the TP2 was a great phone, especially the hardware keyboard (I have never seen another phone with a keyboard this easy to use, and the dedicated number row is great). However my wife had been using the Incredible since the day it was released, and I have had a chance to use it on and off...and the quickness and responsiveness of the android OS is great. Soo much better than WM 6.5. Quick, no lag, no black screen of death, no resets, no need to tweak (which I enjoyed doing for the first few months on the TP2...but then it kind of wore off for me), and it is so fast... In know the X is a newer phone and comping it to the TP2 is not an apples to apples comparison, but since the X can sync to the Exchange network at my work, I really see no benefit from staying with the WM operating system (for me).

I was going to wait for the WP7 release, but since it will not be on Verizon (CDMA) now until mid 2011 I figured I would jump to Android now, and when my next new every two comes up in 18 months I will try out WP7 (and then it will have been tested in the market and the bugs worked out before I make the switch back to windows). I am excited about WP7 and think it is a positive step forward for windows...but I am impatient..and if they are saying Mid-2011 for could be later.

Looking forward to my X. And looing forward to sharing learning experiences on this forum (I learned sooo much from the TP2 forum!!! TONS!)
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