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Current replacement for Touch Pro?

My Touch Pro finally bit the dust. The screen isn't responding at all anymore. I just flashed to stock in preparation to return it (yay insurance!). Just a few quick questions:

As of September 2010, what would I get back? Touch Pro 2 I'm guessing?

I doubt it... but does sprint allow you to exchange it for an Andriod phone? I'm pretty much done with windows mobile... no interest in Windows Phone 7 at all either. I'd be happy with Moment I guess.

Will returning a faulty phone and getting a new one mess up my contract at all? As it is now, I'm out of contract with this line and was waiting until it was practical to get an Epic. I really don't want to get a year old phone and have to wait another 2 years to get a discounted price on something new.

Thanks guys

Quick edit. Since my screen is dead, I can't setup activesync to relock my phone over USB. I'm just stuck on the calibration screen. I have the .nbh file from the relocker, is it safe to flash that from the SD card? I just want to make sure before I totally brick the thing =P

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